Christian Spencer

Christian Spencer

I’m a Latin American ethnomusicologist focused on research about traditional and popular music, space&place and popular culture from Chile and Latin America. I’m also a (still) active string performer and an Academic Editor.

I graduated in Sociology (1997) and Music (2001) at Catholic University in Santiago de Chile. I also have a Phd In Musicology (European Degree) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Nova de Lisboa with a dissertation about the Chilean Urban Cueca (1990-2010).

As a musician, I have developed musical activity as string performer in Latin-American, Chilean and Venezuelan musical bands. I have recorded three CDs in the last years (see my links),one of them my first solo production.

As a Latin american-based ethnomusicologist, I have published several articles and reviews about Chilean genres’ history and ethnicity in Latin American and European magazines. Few years ago I wrote the book “Cronología de la Cueca Chilena (1820-2010)”, and co-edited the book “A Tres Bandas. Mestizaje, sincretismo e hibridación en el espacio sonoro Iberoamericano” (with A. Recasens). More recently, I have edited the book “Made in Latin America. Studies in Popular Music” with J. Mendívil (Routledge, 2015). I also was the Editor of the Latin American Branch of IASPM (2003-2008) and also General Editor of “Resonancias” a music journal research based on Instituto de Música, Catholic University of Chile (Scopus). I published my first solo book “Historia, tradición y performance de la cueca urbana en Santiago de Chile (1990-2010)” in 2017, reedited in 2021 by U. Mayor Ediciones. Currently I am participating in two Fondecyt projects in Chile, one about Popular Culture (11161532) and the other one about aesthetics and historical proceses of Chilean traditional music (11180946). I am also Director of the Arts & Humanities Research Center (CIAH) at Universidad Mayor, Chile.